System Resources commands : NIX classes

Hi guys…

In this post, I came up with system resources commands, which will help you to day to day task on nix box.

Command/Syntax What it will do
chsh (passwd -e/-s) username login_shell change the user’s login shell (often only by the superuser)
date [options]    report the current date and time
df [options] [resource] report the summary of disk blocks and inodes free and in use
du [options] [directory or file] report amount of disk space in use+
hostname/uname display or set (super-user only) the name of the current machine
kill [options] [-SIGNAL] [pid#] [%job] send a signal to the process with the process id number (pid#) or job control number (%n). The default signal is to kill the process.
man [options] command show the manual (man) page for a command
passwd [options] set or change your password
ps [options] show status of active processes
script file saves everything that appears on the screen to file until exit is executed
stty [options] set or display terminal control options
whereis [options] command report the binary, source, and man page locations for the command named which command reports  the path to the command or the shell alias in use
who or w report who is logged in and what process are running

We will learn all the above commands one by one in next posts of this series.

till then …

keep scripting…….


About victimizeit
This is Atul.. working for IBM as a DataStage Developer. I may not be an expert on any particular DataStgae technology, but I'm sure I do know a few things about DB2, AIX, Unix, Windows, and DataBase. In this blog, I'll give out some tips on these subjects. If you find them useful, great, I'll be happy. Thanks for stopping by !!

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