pr – Paginating files : NIX Classes

the pr commands prepares a file for printing by adding suitable headers, footers and formatted text. A simple invocation of the command is to use it with a filename as argument:
$ pr filename

pr adds 5 line of margin at the top and 5 at the bottom. the header shows the date and time of last modification of the along with the filename and page number.

** pr options
-k               prints in k column
-d              double space input , reduce clutter
-n              numbers lines, helping in debugging code
-o n          offset lines by n spaces, increasing left margin of page
-t               a tab

$ pr -t -n -d -o 10 dept.list

pr often used as a “pre- processor” before printing with the lp command :
$ pr -h "Department list" dept.list | lp

$ pr +10 chap01 lp                                            start printing from page 10
$ pr -l 54 chap01 | lp                                 page length set to 54 lines

njoy the simplicity…….


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