Compressing and Archiving files : NIX classes

In NIX, 3 commands are used for compressing and archiving the files/folders.

* gzip & gunzip ( *.gz )
* bzip2 & bunzip2 ( *.bz2 )
* zip & unzip ( *.zip )

## gzip & gunzip : The Compressing program

$ gzip file.txt

$ gunzip file.txt.gz

gzip Option

-d    Uncompressed a “gzipped” file  (  gunzip  <==> gzip -d  )
-r    Recursive compression

## tar : The archival program

For creating a disk archive that contains a grp of file or an entire dir structure.
tar option

-c       Create an archive
-x       Extract file from archive
-t       Diaplay files in archive
-f arch     Specify the archive arch

Creating an archive ( -c )
$ tar -cvf archive.tar file1 file2      ( c – create, v – diaplay list , f – specify the name )

Extracting an archive ( -x )
$ tar -xvf archive.tar

Viewing the archive ( -t )
$ tar -tvf archive.tar

## zip & unzip : Compressing and archiving together

$ zip file1 file2 file3
$ unzip

-r    ecursive compression
-v    viewing the archive


njoy the simplicity…….


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