XP tweaks…1

Hi friends…
In this series, we’ll work on the XP(windows) tweaks…lets boom it..

1) Make the Columns Fit

Want to quickly see all the column in explorer without having to resize them individually? This tip does it for you.
Simple press CTRL + + (press the plus button twice on the numeric keypad), this will adjust the column width so you can view the info in each column.
This tip may also work with programs based on the Windows explorer interface. Try it out!

2) Setting the Windows Temporary Directory

Depending on which version of Windows you run, temporary files are usually stored in C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. This tweak shows how to move the location of the temporary file directory.

Open up AUTOEXEC.BAT with a text editor, it is normally found at C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. If you’re run Windows 9x it maybe possible to right-click the file in explorer and choose ‘Edit’.

Add two new lines, or modify the existing lines if they are already there, as follows:

SET TEMP=[directory]
SET TMP=[directory]

Save AUTOEXEC.BAT, create the directory entered above and reboot.

3) Modify the Duration that the Startup List is Displayed

This setting allows you to change the default 30 second timeout for the Startup List which normally allows you time to choose and boot an alternative operating system.

Using Windows explorer find the file called BOOT.INI on your system drive. Change the attributes of the file from read-only, by right clicking on it and choosing Properties, and then under Attributes, uncheck ‘Read-only’. Then double-click on BOOT.INI and it should open in Notepad.

Under the [boot loader] section is a value called “timeout=”. The number after the “=” sign is the time in seconds Windows will wait for a selection. Change the value according to the options below.

Set the value to the number of seconds between 1 and 999.
To make Windows boot instantly change this value to “0” (i.e. timeout=0).
To make Windows wait indefinitely change this value to “-1” (i.e. timeout=-1).
Save the file, and restart Windows for the change to take effect.

4) Change the Default Operating System

This setting in the BOOT.INI file controls which operating system the NT Boot Loader launches by default if none is selected.

Change the attributes for BOOT.INI so it is not ‘Read Only’, BOOT.INI is found in the root directory of the first partition. Then open the file using Notepad or another text editor (not Microsoft Word or any word processor).

Under the [boot loader] section change the ‘default=’ option to one of the operating systems listed under the [operating systems] section that you wish to use as the default.

For example, to load Windows NT from the first partition on the first IDE hard drive in the /WINNT directory the option would look like:


njoy the simplicity…….


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