Export , Import & Load utility in DB2 : Part – 3

LOAD Operation :: The LOAD utility write pages of data directly to the database instead of using SQL statements & does not record changes in any log files. This means that LOAD operation is faster than IMPORT transaction. However if LOAD transaction failes , the data cant be reloaded by performing a roll- forward recovery operation. To compensate for this , we have to create a backup copy of all data that is loaded so that it can be reloaded if necessary.

Syntax ::
LOAD <CLIENT> FROM [Filename of [DEL | ASC | IXF] | Pipename | Device| CursorName of Cursor , ...]
<LOBS FROM [LOBpath , ..]>
<MODIFIED BY [Modifier , ..]>
<SAVECOUNT [SaveCount]>
<ROWCOUNT [RowCount]>
<WARNINGCOUNT [WarningCount]>

(i) LOAD from Cust.ixf of ixf messages load_msgs.txt insert into customers 


About victimizeit
This is Atul.. working for IBM as a DataStage Developer. I may not be an expert on any particular DataStgae technology, but I'm sure I do know a few things about DB2, AIX, Unix, Windows, and DataBase. In this blog, I'll give out some tips on these subjects. If you find them useful, great, I'll be happy. Thanks for stopping by !!

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