Record your nix session : SCRIPT

“script” command is use to record your nix session, whatever you are typing on terminal, whether it is input or output, is recorded in a file “typesctipt”

$ script
Script started, file is typescript
$         { Anothe shell, child shell of login shell }
$ exit  ( ctrl -d )

Script done, recorded file is typescript.

You can also use
script -a              ( append in the existing file )
script logfile        ( create a logfile of your session )

tips ::
* Whenever use “script” always give the output filename like
$ script record1  or script record2

* Otherwise, when you are using “script” command second time, it will overwrite the first one output file


njoy the simplicity…….


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This is Atul.. working for IBM as a DataStage Developer. I may not be an expert on any particular DataStgae technology, but I'm sure I do know a few things about DB2, AIX, Unix, Windows, and DataBase. In this blog, I'll give out some tips on these subjects. If you find them useful, great, I'll be happy. Thanks for stopping by !!

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