1)  OReilly.SQL.Cookbook download
2)  OReilly.Oracle.PL.SQL.Programming.4th.Edition download
3)  Oracle PLSQL Best Practices  download
4)  Good sql_for_beginners  download
5)  DB2-733-V9 download
6)  DB2 – Quick Beginings for Unix download
7)  IBM Informix Guide to SQL Tutorial  download
8)  OReilly-Oracle_Language_Pocket_Reference  download
9)  Mcgraw Hill – Database Management Systems. 2nd Ed.  download
10)  Oracle_9i_SQL_Reference  download
11)   Beginning.DB2.from.Novice.to.Professional. download
12)   IBM.Press.DB2.9.for.Linux.UNIX.and.Windows.6th.Edition.(731)download
13)   SQL Getting Started. download
14)   DB2CookBook download
15)   Understanding DB2 – Learning Visually with Examples download  ( thanks Rohit )


About victimizeit
This is Atul.. working for IBM as a DataStage Developer. I may not be an expert on any particular DataStgae technology, but I'm sure I do know a few things about DB2, AIX, Unix, Windows, and DataBase. In this blog, I'll give out some tips on these subjects. If you find them useful, great, I'll be happy. Thanks for stopping by !!

4 Responses to DBMS/SQL

  1. Nikhil says:

    Thq Atul… Pl. upload dumps also…

  2. atul singh says:

    IBM.Press.DB2.9.for.Linux.UNIX.and.Windows.6th.Edition.(731) — uploaded, please chk

  3. atul singh says:

    will provide you ASAP

  4. Nikhil says:

    I want Db2 731 book pdf ….

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